Claim Your Personal Healing Modality That Both YOU and the World Need Most...
Turn On Your Unique  Healing Modality!
Generate More Income as You Become a Referral Machine...

A Powerful 9 Session Course

Already Recorded & Waiting For YOU...

Turn On Your Unique Healing Modality
FIRST TIME EVER... actually activate and claim your own modality and system of healing, something that is truly your own, that matches your energy field to accelerate your capacity as a healer. This is your chance to  identify and embrace a specific modality of healing that is yours and yours alone.  One that you might someday certify your own students in.
ENERGY MEDICINE: 8 Attunements Igniting YOUR Modality
Receive a very special  set of Attunements that open the quantum channels of your abilities. These attunements act like an energetic key that opens the previously dormant energy of your Modality AND reveals the what and the how, of your unique Healer Types. PLUS additional Energy Medicine techniques to activate your healing gifts.
Activate & Balance The 5 Types For Personal Transformation
Claim and balance out all the 5 Healer Types, to ensure you you are playing in your strongest type and are in turn opening and mobilizing all the power from EACH of the 5 Healer types. Using Energy Medicine techniques established through 30 years of experience, you will also personally and deeply transform and heal your own life and circumstances.
The Financial Flow of a Successful Healer
​Create real tranformation for your clients as you apply your modality. AND magnetize new clients to you for a thriving healing business using all 5 of your Healer types AND your unique personal modality. This is the path for establishing and  exponentially growing your business as your claim your power as a healer.
This is the best class ever!
"I've taken a lot of healing courses, gotten lots of credentials, and had a private practice, and still never felt like I'd found out who I truly was as a healer. This course helped me discover just that. I now know what my super power is as a healer, what that beautiful sweet spot is that makes healing powerful for me. What's more, this course helped clear away the debris and anchor my super power in deeply at the core of me. I now feel totally centered in who I am as a healer. I'm finally comfortable in my own skin. I know what works for me and what doesn't, and why. Bonus: I now understand why other healers like to work the way they do! This is not a left-brain approach. It is not a system you follow. It is a path you walk to discover yourself, guided carefully, joyfully, and expertly. This course helped me not only understand how I do healing, but how I do life. If you're ready for an adventure that takes you where you've never gone before, this is it."

~ Catherine Morgan
This is the best class ever!
"This powerful course has helped me identify my healing gifts and put them into practice in a way that works for me. Before this class, I wanted to have an online business. Now even before the class in finished, I have had four practice clients from around the world, Australia, Nepal, Germany, and California. This has given me the confidence that it is possible for me to do what I love and have it work. It has been so helpful that Jennifer has taught us to stay in the observation mode. Jennifer guides us to that still point in every session. It is where all the magic happens for us and for our clients. I am changing. I am stronger. I am confident. I am functioning. I am a healer. I am knowing. I am whole. I am home. These are the gifts that I have received so far from this class. If you want to bring the pieces of your life together in a meaningful way, take this class. It is the best ever. My heart is filled with gratitude."

~Janet Kay Best

From The Desk Of Jennifer McLean...

You are a gift.

You are here with a strong heart and a true purpose... and there is a part of you that genuinely knows this.

You are here on the planet at this time because, we are in unprecedented times, and humanity need you.

You likely have an intuitive knowing that we are at a real and true juncture in human evolution.

I believe that we are moving in an inexorable arch away from greed, inhumanity, competition, and win-a-all-costs...

Flowing into a new paradigm of possibility, abundance, collaboration, kindness, and pure agape love.

Even if it doesn't look that way, there is a up and out energy as the darker shadows and fear-based underbelly is revealed, processes and moves up and out.

I believe that YOU, who is reading these words right now, you are a way-shower, are a light bearer, you are a healer that is here to assist at this crucial tipping point.
You see, you came to this planet at this time to be of service to humanity's transformation in a way that also uplifts you and your life.

And it may feel like this isn't possible in the midst of all these extremes in our own lives, and on the planet.

Or  you might feel like... "what could I possibly do" to support a real shift.

Right now you have been guided to this page because you are a healer (even if you don't think so).

You are here to ignite an inner confidence and a new frequency that matches the moment.

You are ready to accelerate your healing gifts by activating your personal unique modality as a healer.

This is not only to serve your healing gifts to the world, but to also receive back, for yourself, pressed down and overflowing.

It is your time to create the breakthrough needed to establish and/or take your healing practice to the next level.

OR start your healing business (if you don't have one).

AND the moment is at hand to successfully help your current and future clients, resulting in so many referrals your healing business expands profoundly. 

Know that you are in the right place if you are wanting to discover the transformational change agent that you, are and the healer within... 

AND expand your greatest healing gifts, (as it also supports and attracts the best from you, and  new clients for you).
Your  Modality Vs. Their  Technique...
If you have received any kind of certification for healing, you have learned that teacher's technique.

However for the teacher, it is actually THEIR  MODALITY.

These teachers have channeled in their system of healing, that was just for them.

They loved it, nurtured it, honed it researched it and made it their own.

Because they believed in it so much--and listened so intently to spirit-- it worked for their clients too.

Then they started teaching others what they discovered, and the students of this modality started applying it to their clients.

And it worked well.

In the students hands this powerful system was more of a technique than a modality.

At their first attempts at playing with this teacher's technique it was likely clumsily and confusing, this is in part because it wasn't theirs, it was their teachers.

Now this is not to say that there is anything wrong with a profound system of healing be taught and shared, and students even being certified...

This is a wonderful model that has been an important mainstay of personal development for the certified healers and the teacher.

In fact, certify my own students into my Modality.

Being certified in multiple disciplines of healing techniques is a wonderful entry into healing.

These certifications build confidence in ones capacity as a healer, and allows a blossoming of ones healing gifts.

Yet there is a reason that certain students rise to the top within these various disciplines of healing.
Why The Standout Students Are SOOOO Good....
But, have you ever noticed that there are often standout students, they become well known and create a thriving client base based on someone else's technique?

What's different about those particular students?

Well, they know that this particular technique, in their  hands, creates something extraordinary.

What is happening is that technique matches that students modality and becomes an extension of the students unique gifts.

In the execution, that learned technique is now elevated to new levels because there is an underlying energy, a healer type combined with a specific personal unique modality that is elevating it.

And now, it may be time for you to actually identify what your own modality is.

This is your moment to now understand and know what your healing gifts truly are, that are ready to be branded and claimed as your own.

This is your opportunity right here on this page to; Turn On Your Healing Modality and bring it into a world that needs it more than ever.
Maybe YOU Will be Certifying Individuals Into YOUR System..
Maybe, from this course you will get to a point with your unique modality where you are now certifying individuals into your branded system of healing.

Imagine that your modality has caught on and is changing lives.

You've identified what it is, how it works, and noted the formula and the steps to execute it.

Now you are teaching your students how to perform your modality, and it is spreading like healing wildfire.

You now have hundreds maybe thousands of students and the income they are providing by taking your certification program is growing increasing your business success.

This may just be in your  future.
Join The Next Quantum Leap In Healing... 
Your OWN Modality
So, for you, right now, you are on this page because you are being called to become that healer that has THEIR OWN MODALITY OF HEALING.

And as mentioned... you may even become the teacher to certify your own students in your system of healing. (Wow!)

You are also about to become a way more powerful healer as you claim the mastery of your discipline.

AND you will experience remarkable personal healing as you expand you vibrational frequency 

This is your course is for you if you are ready...
  • To activate and claim your own modality and system of healing, something that is truly your own, that matches your energy field to accelerate your capacity as a healer.
  • Receive 8 Attunements that open the quantum channels of your healing, your modality, and EACH of the 5 Healer Types to know the what and the how of your unique modality of healing.
  • Claim and balance out all the 5 Healer Types, to ensure you you are playing in your strongest type and are in turn opening and mobilizing all the power from EACH of the 5 Healer types.
  • ​​Start and/or grow your healing practice and create real transformation for your clients AND magnetize those clients to you for a thriving healing business using your modality 
  • ​Experience profound personal healing, with each attunement, healing journey, sound vibration healing... essentially all the energy medicine techniques you'll receive, you personally heal, transform and expand your energy field. And that directly impacts your circumstances in powerful positive ways. 

Your Unique Modality Creates Financial Expansion

When we know that when we stand with conscious attention in our healing gifts, and receive energetic support for our healing nature, we become that much more powerful in our life and for others.

That conscious knowing and the internal activation it creates, establishes a vibration that attracts more success, it's part of the laws of physics.

AND that attention and intention of your Healer Type and Healing Modality establishes a framework to actually shift your circumstance and improve your life, as you support and transform the lives of those you interact with. 

When we know the “I AM  a Healer” with confidence, we go even deeper into our power, and we can then even better help our clients.

And when we are successful in helping our clients, they become referrals, in fact you might just become a referral machine as you start to truly expand your healing/therapeutic/coaching business because your work is so powerful.

This leads to generating real, solid income.

When you're generating a true and substantial income in your healing/therapeutic practice there's a beautiful "value exchange." 

As your unique modality is helping people, your clients then commit even more deeply to, "Yes, I want to exchange with you financially for that healing support." 

When that's happening, the universe sighs with joy. 

The universe says, "Yes. There's a perfect circle of giving and receiving. Yes. Yes." 

The universe says; "you give of your gifts," and those you support with your brilliant modality say, "Thank you," and happily pay you as they change and shift and transform, and recommend you to others.

They give you a monetary value for that exchange and in turn recommend you to their friends and families.

Then all of us benefit from these beautiful souls out in the planet that are humming in their power, changing those around them... all because of your modality.

And abundance is promulgated into the world creating more income for you and transformation in the world.

It's a pure cycle of abundance that comes from consciously turning on your modality of healing and knowing that your gifts are contributing as you receive.

And on this page is your chance to actually deeply Turn On Your Healing Modality, and contribute to all as you claim your power.

Course Participant Experiences...

Praise For Jennifer McLean...
  Jennifer McLean pulls out incredible insights and information about and for you.”
"My wonderful friend Jennifer McLean pulls out incredible insights and information about and for you. There is something extraordinary about how she supports individuals. You’ll see the full purpose of your soul, and that exploration is both insightful and transformative. If you want to have an extraordinary adventure, work with Jennifer."

— Neale Donald Walsch, author of the New York Times bestselling series Conversations with God

  Jennifer has a unique ability to safely detour around the mind... to create real change.”
"Jennifer has a unique ability to safely detour around the mind as gatekeeper, and around the original events of childhood to create real change. She is able to support a true and fundamental release of the core issues and traumas that are still creating the patterns and beliefs that block our progress to this day. Her system of healing is fast, easy, gentle, and effective. This is someone I recommend to shift and release the subconscious influences on how and why we experience the illness, conflict, and lack in our lives, without having to have a near-death experience to do so. Work with Jennifer and heal."

— Anita Moorjani, author of the New York Times bestselling book, Dying To Be Me
 ... be prepared to shift and heal into the highest version of you.”
"When you’re with Jennifer, you are with a master healer. Her Spontaneous Transformation Healing system is a proven global sensation. Not only is STT powerful but she has a whole assortment of healing gifts for you to tap into and transform. No matter what your circumstances, be prepared to shift and heal into the highest version of you. If you have a chance to work with her, you are one of the blessed ones... and you’ll likely have some fun and laughter along the way."

— Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason
 ... don’t walk, but run into Jennifer’s powerful, loving healing embrace.”
"Jennifer McLean is a true light on this planet; she is one of the chosen providers of healing transformation that is so needed at this time. Jennifer is able to take us by the hand and release the core issues deep in the subconscious in a gentle, accelerated, yet profound way. If you are ready to genuinely, finally, and deeply transform your life and circumstance, then don’t walk, but run into Jennifer’s powerful, loving healing embrace. You’ll be glad you did."

— James Van Praagh, psychic medium
  “... I realized and experienced a great fear... and released and healed it.”
"I had a quite amazing and instantaneous acknowledgement of Jennifer’s STT technique. I had chosen to work with her on the expansion of my acting career: bigger roles, bigger projects, more money. During this fast, simple technique, I realized and experienced a great fear around actually achieving that, and released and healed it. Literally the next day, I was offered a wonderful role in a great film with a much higher salary. When it happens that fast, there is no denying the power of the energy shift. This technique works. AND Jennifer delivers on ANY healing promise made, whatever you're ready to transform Jennifer is your gal."

— Dee Wallace, Actress, healer, and channel
The World Needs Your Healing Gifts More Than EVER
In this amazing and unique course, you will discover that you have a special gift that no one else has.

You have a unique way of expressing your healing modality that can only come from YOU.

Part of why you are here is to activate this gift and serve those you've made agreements with to help them. 

They in turn are here to transform this planet from your support.

You see, you are a light holder and your healing modality, fully expressed, is needed now more than ever.

There is not a course like this out there that is here to shine the light on YOU and help you shine YOUR true light through your healing gifts.

Nowhere will you find another program that actually activates YOU as your OWN healer, not someone else's  system.

You are not being certified in anything here, you are being awakened to you, to your brilliance, your magnificences, your power as a healer.

You will also grow stronger in your healing gifts as you see clearly how to support others in their transformation.
Personally Heal  As You Heal Others...
AND you not only become a better more authentic healer, but you start to heal yourself in more powerful ways.

Each step in this course activates and opens energies within us.

The Energy Medicine techniques that are used to awaken the truest healing within also heals and transforms you in the process.

The sound vibration, the Attunements, the Spontaneous Transformation sessions, the profoundly healing journeys, the intuitive and channeled support, all create a healing matrix that will heal any old beliefs, subconscious material from childhood, physical upsets and more.

Miracles of change have occurred for participants.

So prepare for a deeply personal transformational experience as your life changes, your heart expands and your power grows.

PLUS there is an added bonus, when we claim our true healing abilities, when we start to support larger numbers of individuals with our healing modality...

Well, we simply take up more healing for ourselves, and mini miracles shows up; we start to see the reflected healing from our clients.

You know that old saying "we teach what we most need to learn" well in this case "we heal what we are healing in others..." 

It's all a reflection of our own journey.

So expect to profoundly, and in an accelerated way, personally transform as you interact with and experience other's transformation in this program.

What You'll Receive In
Your 9 Sessions...

Session 1

Activation & Attunement for Your Intuition Healer Type

This session starts your Turn On Your Healing Modality program with a powerful energetic start.

Part of this LARGE energetic increase occurs through a profound activation using Energy Medicine techniques as you also receive the Attunement for the Intuitive Healer type. Your intuition is going to be attuned and turned on.

You are about to have a much clearer conscious understanding of what your intuition is, what it feels like, how it works, and more, as you establish the clear opening to this important healing type.

Session 2

Attunement and Activation of Light / Color Healer Type

This second session activates and turns on your Light Healer Type with another special attunement and a profound and life changing Energy Medicine healing journey.

If this is your Healer Type you are about to explode your gifts, if this is not you are about to activate this special energy, contributing to your ability to access your healing gifts.

"I AM LIGHT" is now a truth in your conscious connection after this special session. Prepare to start implementing light as a source of healing in your tool kit of transformational processes.

Session 3

Attuning The Frequency Healer Type + The Observer

This is a truly wonderful session that delivers more insight on the importance of the observer AND the Healer Types when working with clients. This insightful information actually creates a true shift.

THEN you will experience a remarkable journey to activate your Frequency Healer type... this is so beautiful and filling.  You will further active with the Frequency Attunement that is then followed by a sound vibration toning to create a vibratory foundation for the Frequency Type in your conscious awareness. WOW!

NOTE: to Systemized Healer Types... there is a great explanation in this one to support you through these journeys and allow you to really experience them in a new way.

Session 4

Sound Healer Type Activation & Attunement + The Power of Self-Healing

You are about to understand the importance of self healing, using what you are learning and activating in this course. You will come to understand some theory about the mind, consciousness and soul that will help in all areas of your life. Quite profound and enlightening.

And you will not only be activated into the Sound Healer Type, but you will experience a deeply transformational sound healing sound bath on this special session. Really remarkable.

PLUS you will journey to ignite and play with your own version of sound healing. Such a profound and fun session of learning, activation and shifting.

Session 5

Systemized Healer Activation & Attunement + Mind Vs. Intellect + How To  Protect

This session delivered a wonderful completion of the activations and attunements of all five Healer Types finishing with a powerful journey and Attunement for the Systemized Healer.  The remarkable Systemized Healing version of the journey will not only activate this healer type but create powerful discernment and transformation. Pretty incredible!

In addition you'll receive important new insights about how to actually establish protection and it is a surprising and very different approach. PLUS you'll be opening up clarity around the difference between the mind and intellect that creates profound healing.

Session 6

Turn On Your Healing Modality!

This was THE session... The initiation into actually Turning On Your Healing Modality started with this amazing session! You will learn more about the healing arts and some of the essentials for healing and being a healer. You will understand what being a healer actually is. AND you will learn some of the fundamentals to notice and bring forward your healing modality.

You are about to go on a pretty profound journey to identify and bring forward elements of your healing modality... As you also receive the first of 3 Attunements to Turn On Your Healing Modality. 

This first attunement is quite amazing and delivered a quantum opening as well as clear insights for you in your modality. Have fun with this, it is a blessed initiation!

Session 7

Tapping Into Your Healing Modality PLUS a Spontaneous Transformation Technique Session Releasing Any Blocks 

Get ready for a very unique, subtle, yet quantum expansion of your understanding and claiming of your healing modality. 

You will not only experience a journey to actually see and feel what it's like to be a healer in your modality... but you will also get the steps in between. Pretty cool journey!

AND there is also deep healing here for you... 

You will receive my own modality of The Spontaneous Transformation Technique as a session to heal the core reasons (deep in the subconscious) of any emotional holding or blocks to your modality. Prepare to release deeply.

Session 8

The Finale Attunement - Your Modality IS Turned On!

A powerful final session for this remarkable course. By the end of this session you will KNOW that you have a modality... And that conscious understanding of your modality will be the foundation for your system of healing to open more and more into conscious awareness.

Know that your final attunement, and a special soul gift you'll receive, as well as an I Am statement of your modality all will be established in this session. This enables a blossoming into a deep state of knowing... and you will continue to follow the breadcrumbs of spirit from here on in. 


Session  9

Extended Modality-a-thon X3

There are several already recorded Modality-a-thons waiting for you, and WOAH... what remarkable finales these are to this special program.

Listen and watch for the most amazing insights that came from fellow participants. One really cool piece was understanding your types in terms of a real hierarchy and how they all work together. WOW! You'll also hear/watch some insights on who your clients might be and how to bring your modality into a coalesced whole.

These already recorded Q&A sessions take the entire course to a whole new level.
Etched-In Power on the Recordings...
The recordings of this self study program are remarkably powerful...

There are thousands listening to these recordings, and they receive with each session the activation of their Healer Types and the ignition of their modalities... all that transformation is etched onto these recordings.

So in a way the recorded sessions are even more more powerful than when they were offered live.

Each attunement, each healing, each transformation each activation is incorporated into the energy of these potent recordings, so you receive very deeply as you take in each audio and/or video.

You are gaining so much by experiencing this program in these special recordings.

These recordings contain profound and potent energies that spill over into additional healing support..
Your Details...
Self Study - Already Recorded:
This self study course is here for you to understand who you are as a healer, get ready to shift profoundly as you turn on your healing modality.

[NOTE: these recorded session deliver the full benefits, even better than when it was live... All sessions are recorded and available for download.
Location & Downloads:
The course is online in video and audio formats. Mp3 audio downloads are waiting for you as well as simulcasted video.

Downloadable transcripts are also waiting for you to enhance your learning experience

There is also and optional Facebook Group where you will interact and practice your modality with other participants. AND I (Jennifer) am VERY active so I will answer your questions there.
What to Expect:
8 Powerful workshop sessions: These already recorded sessions are here to support you with experiential activations and healings to turn on your modality.

The 9th Session is several already record  Extended 3-hour Modality-a-thon.

Activate your personal unique modality: Receive 8 Attunements, Healing Journeys, EVEN Sound Vibration to know your modality of healing that allows you to stand in your unique energy signature of healing. Plus, if you are already a healer, take all you have learned as a healer and activate it even more through your personal modality.

Ignite the 5 Healer Types: Learn more about the 5 healer types and, through experiential healing and guided journeys, embody each of them to heighten your healing abilities even more.

Accelerate YOUR healing by supporting others: When you become a stronger and more confident healer and more powerful in your own modality, you actually heal more quickly and positively influence your own


Remote Healing & Prayer Transmissions **FREE**
You'll receive 45 Days of remote healing. 

I am renowned for my remote healing transmissions and the miracles of support and change they provide. 

In this case you'll receive the exact frequencies EACH DAY to assist in Turning On Your unique Healing Modality.

Each day I will "tap into you" and support you with the healing, activation and the frequencies you need.

I can take over, so you can let go to me the things you’ve wanted to change. I will be there supporting, healing, transforming and activating the best version of you. 

You don't have to do anything or attend anything it happens while you go about your day. Simply notice the shifts in perception and feeling.

NOTE: this is the "just right," Goldilocks Zone of support. It is programed specifically so you receive exactly what you need each day, no more or no less. In others words you CANNOT be overwhelmed by this energy. 

AND it compliments anythings else you might be doing, intuitively adjusting each day so you are in GREAT SHAPE as you receive.

I will be layering these frequencies over and over, building strength and power in your mental, emotional and physical bodies in preparation to receive your modality. 

This is a game changer and is in part what makes this program so successful for participants.
Turn On Your Healing Modality COURSE
  • 8 Powerful workshop sessions: These already recorded self-study sessions are here to support you with potent experiential activations and healings to Turn on Your Modality.
  • Bonus 9th Extended 3-hour Modality-a-thon: already recorded and waiting are 4x (12 hours) of impactful, profound coaching that answers all your questions about your modality.
  • Energy Medicine Activations of your personal unique modality: Receive Energy Medicine techniques including Attunements, Healing Journeys EVEN Sound Vibration to know your modality of healing. These Energy Medicine Techniques allow you to stand in your unique energy signature of healing. Plus if you are already a healer, take all you have learned as a healer and activate it even more, through your personal modality.
  •  ​Ignite the 5 Healer Types: Learn more about the 5 healers types and through experiential healing and guided journeys embody each of them to heighten your healing abilities even more.
  • Accelerate YOUR Success Frequency: When you become a stronger and more confident healer, and more powerful in your own modality, you actually shift your own success as new opportunities and clients show up, positively influencing your own life and business.
  • WOW!! 45 Days of Remote Healing Transmissions **BONUS**: you will receive in-the-background  "just right"/Goldilocks Zone remote frequency transmissions supporting you each and every day throughout his program for 45 straight days. You don't have to attend anything or show up anywhere just go about your life.
  • Experience PERSONAL HEALING: as you expand your field through the activations, attunements, and Energy Medicine healing experiences, you shift all areas of your life. You will witness your circumstances improve and your life change. The healer gets healed!
  • ​Your own personal Listening Salon: Access your private listening salon for your recorded sessions and downloads.
  • ​Facebook Group For Interaction & Practice: This OPTIONAL Facebook group is here to support you with additional questions that might come up. I (Jennifer) am VERY active and will check in daily to answer your questions. You can also get to know your fellow healers and practice your burgeoning modality with others.
  • ​First time of course like this has ever been offered anywhere: this is the first time this course has ever been offered anywhere... after working privately with dozens of clients activating their modality it is now a course. AND there isn't a program anywhere out there that is revealing how to turn on your unique modality.
  • ​Downloadable Transcripts: your transcripts allow you to take in the information in new ways and highlight quotable moments.
  • ​Downloadable Mp3s: You can download your Mp3 audios of each session to listen to and be activated again and again.
Retail Price...
Yours For Only...
15-Day Money Back Guarantee        Totally Secure Access            Your information is Safe
15-Day Money Back Guarantee
Privacy Guaranteed
100% Secure Information
Customer Experiences of Jennifer...
“I feel that you have opened the doors and released me to go free...”
Thank you very much for your chakra clearing sound vibration... I have been somebody who has felt like I was blocked off from good fortune and good blessings. I feel that you have opened the doors and released me to go free and face the real world of happiness. I feel renewed again. Thank you, and may God bless you for your good work.
— Henry

“I’m on track and back in control of my own life now.”
Thank you for the attunements. It’s so awesome, I really enjoy it and I love the way the power just flows through my body when I am really in tune with my inner self and higher powers. It feels amazing, like a flowing river or like spirit to spirit, and makes me feel like something is pulling my spirit up... like it’s pulling my soul out of the place I’m in. I feel like I’m following myself correctly and I’m on track and back in control of my own life now.
— Mattie

“... a total expansion into something... in which I feel light, happy, youthful, peaceful... and delighted.”
I love your method of healing and teaching that has moved me into a “field” of grace. It is like a total expansion into something I can’t define but in which I feel light, happy, youthful, peaceful... and delighted. Thank you!
— Marie

“I have a new beginning regardless of the challenges in my life...”
I realized I don’t worry anymore about things that are happening. So I am able to find peace and strength. I went through so much emotion and I’m OK now. I have a new beginning regardless of the challenges in my life... I have no fear.
— J.G.

“... I’ve always admired people who had guts. Now I’m one of them...”
I’ve stood up to bullies this week. This would never have happened before this program. I would have been too afraid. I just thought “I’m standing in my power,” and I really felt it. No anger, just STOP-energy. I can’t believe I did that, I’ve always admired people who had guts. Now I’m one of them, thanks to this program! Thank you Jennifer.
— Marie

... more love, humor, silliness; everything is more enjoyable.”
Jennifer McLean is not just enormously likable, but unusual, a visionary, and a born and gifted teacher. As a pioneer in spiritual healing, she has become an elegant, articulate master, a wise woman, a metaphysician. Through her programs, where once there were glimpses, doors now open wide to reveal new ways of being and operating in the world. Wounds heal, old hurts arise and fly away; vague ideas become clear, we become new, and life noticeably improves. With this new lightness of being is more love, humor, silliness; everything is more enjoyable. I’ve started to listen to them again for what the new me can hear that the old me might have missed.
— Melynda

“I am calmer, more confident, and... open to all the abundance in my life.”
I am calmer, more confident, and I am aware that I am open to all the abundance in my life. I accept and am open to spiritual healing. Thank you!
— Ginette Leclair

“The remaining vibrations of fear, anger, and resentment I've carried... have been transformed!”
The remaining vibrations of fear, anger, and resentment that I had been unaware I was still carrying, have been transformed! It feels quite literally like a transmutation from the lead ore of the old vibration of me, to a liquid gold... one that flows... and could even transmute alchemically to almost any magical substance it needed to! I’m no longer afraid of losing the healings I’ve obtained, because I’m no longer unknowingly carrying that undertone of resentment and dread!
— Anna

“... deep, deep emotions of happiness, gratitude, freedom, relief, and deep profound joy!”
From the core of my being I feel so much gratitude for this deep and profound transformation I have experienced. From the first day, not knowing if this could work, then slowly building up to a point where I had some huge breakthroughs and a huge epiphany! This epiphany caused deep, deep emotions of happiness, gratitude, freedom, relief, and deep profound joy! By experiencing the Spontaneous Transformation Technique I now know how to release and heal the negative thoughts that have plagued me most of my life! Thank you!
— Linda

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© 2007-2023 McLean MasterWorks, a Cosmic Media LLC Partner All Rights Reserved
101 Convention Center Dr STE 810 Las Vegas NV 89109  |  Customer Support: 847-386-1464  /

Medical Disclaimer
The information provided through McLean Masterworks and its guests is not offered as medical advice and should not be considered medical advice. Nothing contained on this page or during this series is intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment and is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care professional regarding any mental or physical health condition or treatment.